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Guillaume is a professional illustrator and author. His illustrations are rich, colorful and fun. He is good at finding the balance between the purpose of the illustration and the liveliness of the images he sets up. Described as a thoughtful artist, his visual universe is filled with characters with strong personalities. Guillaume alternates his creative techniques; going from pencil to ink and often he works totally digitally. A native of Rimouski, he currently lives in Gatineau.

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From Quebec to France
  • From $45.00 CAD
Les pilleurs à moteurs
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  • From $50.00 CAD
Le facteur de l'espace
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  • From $50.00 CAD
Voyageur 1
  • From $100.00 CAD
La forêt
  • From $50.00 CAD
  • $50.00 CAD
  • $50.00 CAD